Performance is key, on the stage and in business. Helping your employees to find their ideal role and play their part will be a crucial driver to success.

NK THEATRE Art’s Darren Stannage is well rehearsed in helping business owners get the best out of their teams.

Over the last couple of years, I have started to meet with and chat to some of the major players in the world of Stockport businesses (more specifically their MD’s FD’s or senior partners). I listen to stories and appreciate how these businesses work, difficulties they have faced and start to compare strategies. One major common theme everyone underlines is the importance of their people. Employees essentially need to be able to meet customer needs and also portray a positive business image. With many firms having such a large work force, everyone, regardless of their role, being able to work as a team and buy into the ethos and direction of a company is, I am told, easier said than done. I think about that phrase and look at the core elements of our organisation. We use performing arts as the vehicle to improve people’s confidence, understand the cohesive community we live in and essentially achieve a common goal. In our case, that is artistic excellence regardless of ability, disability, status or culture.

It is impossible to do this without everyone playing their part, be that performer, director, technician, theatre manager or clerical workers. Everyone must work together to achieve results. Whilst an end goal of a business is unique to that specific company, the basic principles we use in performance can bring together any work force at any level to achieve things together and to understand the people they work with a little better. Having asked for recent feedback from a senior partner, after being invited to deliver a corporate team bonding day for a Manchester based Solicitors, he told me that our delivery is innovative and engaging, our workshops were interactive without being embarrassing to anyone and reached both the introverts and extroverts alike. The only thing that he would have changed would have been the venue, letting people out of the workplace environment rather than the session taking place in the Boardroom! So where better to undertake a Performing Arts themed team bonding session than a theatre! With auditorium and studios we have ample space, with a large car park and the train station 2 minutes away, the location is perfect.

Our sessions look to provide a creative environment where ideas are generated and can be built upon. It’s great for energising teams, solving problems, team building and relationships. We look at communication and body language, we help to build trust whilst understanding the strengths and vulnerabilities of others. With packages starting from just £500 for a morning or afternoon, catering for groups of 8 or more, if your company needs to sing with one voice or dance to the same tune or if some of your staff hide behind their masks, or indeed if you are looking for a memorable time together, then why not consider the experienced practitioners from awarding winning NK Theatre Arts and join us for some Fun at The Forum.