Leemic’s Managed Print Services help law firm save time and money.

In a busy law firm, time is money and confidentiality is key. Leemic’s Managed Print Services (MPS) for JMW Solicitors uses Sharp office and production printers to document client matters, prepare trial bundles and print marketing collateral. The Sharp MFPs integrate with the law firm’s case management system and provide print, copy, scan and fax functionality. A secure print facility protects client confidentiality.

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JMW Solicitors has over 40 partners and OVER 300 staff and is recognised by the Legal 500 and The Chambers Guide to the Legal Profession as one of the best law firms in the North West of England. The company processes thousands of legal documents every day. Their investment in Sharp equipment recognises the value the new technology brings to the business.

Improving Office Efficiency

Leemic identified where cost and efficiency gains could be made. Sharp’s production print technology proved to be perhaps the biggest game changer, enabling JMW to produce high quality customer-facing marketing collateral in-house, reducing the need to outsource, saving money and time.

Sharp imaging systems were chosen ahead of other vendors’ equipment because they offered exceptional value for money, providing black-and-white and colour print, copy, scan and fax functionality.

In conjunction with the hardware, a cost and print management system was embedded allowing the users in specific environments to “pull” prints to other devices should their primary be unavailable. It also allows the firm to manage, monitor and control print volumes and costs, identifying high impact areas, understanding department workflows.

“Leemic’s service is exemplary. They respond quickly to technical issues and because they hold spare parts on site, quickly get us back up to speed.” Gerard Chadwick, JMW Solicitors

Personal printers have been consigned to history. The new imaging systems are located in departmental hubs. Each hub has a primary device to handle A3 and A4 paper formats equipped with automated finishing systems, and a secondary device – fully featured A3MFPs.

The Sharp equipment is proving to be robust, reliable and above all, easy to use. The model mix comprising six variations share the same intuitive control panel and a common print driver, ensuring no matter where is a user is located they are comfortable with the functionality. Using the touchscreen interface, it is easy to send fax messages and scan documents to the law firm’s case management system. And, because users are familiar with the technology, they are happy to use any free device.

To protect client confidentiality, the Sharp MFPs have an integrated secure print facility. Users are required to log in at an MFP by swiping their entry/exit card on the integrated card reader. Having authenticated themselves, they can select which jobs to release. The secure print facility helps to ensure that sensitive documents are not left uncollected at the printer.

In-house Production Facility

Having optimised the law firm’s office environment, Leemic turned its attention to production printing. JMW had relied upon high-end office MFPs to make up trial bundles and produce marketing collateral but the quality of the finished documents was not impressive and slow throughput speeds restricted capacity and forced the law firm to outsource some work.

Sharp MX-7500N Pro-series printers

Sharp MX-7500N Pro-series printers

Leemic replaced the legacy devices with a variety of devices including dedicated production printers. Sharp MX-7500N Pro Series printers are used to produce high quality customer-facing marketing collateral whilst Sharp MX-M1204’s meets the law firm’s high-volume maul room black-and-white requirements. The Sharp production printers are designed for intensive use and can print virtually non-stop at full engine speed.

The Sharp MX-7500N produces vibrant high-resolution colour output and supports variable data printing. Using the device, the law firm’s marketing department can now produce high-impact, personalised marketing collateral on demand. Indeed, a variety of material, including invitations, brochures and newsletters, are now printed in-house, saving time and money.

The black-and-white production printers are used to prepare trial bundles. The Sharp MX-M1204 is particularly well suited to this task. It is equipped with a high-speed document scanner and using the touchscreen operation panel, it is easy to build multipage document sets and impose Bates numbering. The trial bundles can be saved to memory and reprinted on demand.

“The technology is robust, reliable and fast. Using the Sharp production printers we can prepare high quality marketing collateral in house, saving time and money, and prepare complex trial bundles.” Gerard Chadwick, JMW Solicitors