YouTube is second only to Google as a search platform and will continue to grow.

A Cisco study predicts that 69 per cent of consumer internet traffic will be video by 2017, so now is the time to start establishing a video audience for your business. There is a growing importance of video in marketing activity.

Today’s technology means that video is a more affordable and accessible part of the marketing mix.

Equipment is less cumbersome and more portable and, with careful planning, a one-take solution is easily achieved.

One company that can help you grow your audience is Bellyflop TV run by Jonathan Robinson in Stockport.

Bellyflop TV started in 2008 when Jonathan, a TV producer and director, started his own channel and saw the huge potential for businesses to communicate. We consume more and more and video has immense importance in marketing campaigns and tactical activity.

He says: “If only you could be in two places at the same time; meeting new customers whilst looking after your current ones.

“Well this technology actually already exists, it’s video.

Importance of video in marketing “You can get professionally made and engaging films featuring staff or other customers at great value – you just need an experienced video company you can trust read this.

“I started focusing on set groups of people such as opticians, recycling firms, local authorities, and manufacturing businesses.

“We have now made over 1,500 short films for customers, and probably 70 per cent of the finished films are on YouTube.

“We get to know a customer’s business film by film, and as we build up an ‘archive’ of material the films actually cost a customer less to make.”

Bellyflop doesn’t just make videos, they also take photos for the client.

Jonathan adds: “It’s the extra value that goes beyond a finished video.

“Bellyflop TV takes photographs whilst filming which is given to the customer as part of the shoot day, and their knowledge of what works on YouTube means film durations and ways of engagement makes a subject matter as interesting as possible. “We also help get the film noticed on social media and give customers ideas on how to use the film.

‘When making a film we always work backwards – asking how will a film by judged a success and what it needs to do. We have a filming notes document that customers complete, so they get exactly what is required’.