THE COMPUTING solutions firm can host a company’s entire network of computers, servers and email systems so employees can work from anywhere.

Cloud 9 works with 35 companies across the world including in New Zealand and Canada.

Graham says: “We call it agile working. We can host a company’s entire IT infrastructure and store everything in our own UK data centre.

“We build a bespoke, ring-fenced system replicating what the client would have had in the office.

“Employees can access their desktop from anywhere there is an internet connection.

“That means people don’t have to spend hours sitting in rush- hour traffic or stuck in snow.

“The security levels we use are far higher than a five-person business would ever be able to afford. It is not an optional extra – it’s standard, and gives enterprise, bank-grade security.

“The big advantage of having your own cloud using Cloud 9 Hosts is the data is yours.

“There is no need to do continual back-ups as the data is stored on our servers, so they also have an emergency recovery system.

“Everything is in our data centre, so all the data is stored in the UK and held under UK law.

“It also saves on electricity and there is no need for an extra IT support contract.”

Graham set up Cloud 9 in 2007 and employs eight people in Hazel Grove.

They also offer website design and hosting, software development, data storage and disaster recovery.

Graham adds: “We had a company in London that was looking to replace their server and they were looking at a bill of £10,000 once everything had been built and transferred.

“They were also paying £500 for an IT maintenance contract.

“Our solution was to put the existing software onto our cloud- based system and then deliver it back to them over the internet

“That cost them £1,500 plus we charged £400 a month. But there were no additional hardware costs and staff were given access from any device from anywhere there is an internet connection

“They can also work offline and the data synced later.”

“I provide administration support, working for Water UK in Westminster, Central London. I live in a very rural area in North Kent. Every day, after dropping my daughter off at nursery, I then have a 15 minute drive to the nearest train station and commute into London. I remember one winter, a couple of years ago, it snowed really heavily – I couldn’t even drive my car out of my road to get to get to the nursery, let alone the train station, and some services had been cancelled anyway. I managed to walk my daughter to nursery, but there was no way I could get into work. So, I walk home, made a coffee and logged onto my cloud.
I was able to access my e-mail; retrieve information from our database; amend our website; arrange meetings – all what I usually do from the office, I was able to do from home, providing my colleagues with a seamless service. The cloud system saved me all the stress of trying to get into London, and worrying what would happen if I had to go back to get my daughter if they decided to close the nursery early.”