From its UK HQ in Stockport, MAN Diesel & Turbo UK provides worldwide support to the full range of all products manufactured by the world’s leading provider of large diesel engines and turbomachinery that operate in the UK

Production of engines at MAN Diesel & Turbo Ltd in Stockport may have ended a decade ago but the company still has a massive role to play in their upkeep.

The company is the world’s leading supplier of engines for ships and power plants.

They can also be found in trains, oil rigs, private yachts, coastguard vessels and even under the sea.

Its engineers are on call if needed when a cargo ship docks in the UK.

During the London Olympics, the Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Ocean was used to provide security for the event.

HMS Ocean was powered by MAN engines, the tugs that guided it up the Thames were driven by MAN engines and when the Thames Barrier was raised, that was powered by MAN engines as well.

Managing director Andrew Bellamy says: “Many people in Stockport remember Mirrlees Blackstone as one of the major employers in the town.

“Today, the company is probably less well-known as MAN Diesel & Turbo Ltd and is still located in Hazel Grove.

“The company no longer manufacturers diesel engines but now supports the full range of all products manufactured by the world’s leading provider of large diesel engines and turbomachinery that operate in the UK.”

MAN Diesel & Turbo engines power vessels around the globe

MAN Diesel & Turbo engines power vessels around the globe

Engines manufactured in Hazel Grove have been exported across the globe, many still providing reliable service today, often more than 50 years since their initial installation.

Engines, despite the name, run on a range of fuels including LNG, methanol, ethane and LPG.

The after-sales team in Stockport looks after engines all over the world, but the MAN team also plays a vital role in the UK.

Andrew adds: “Among our UK customers are the Royal Navy, Royal Fleet Auxiliary, major oil companies, offshore oil and gas support vessels, car and truck ferries, harbour tugs and fishing vessels.

“We need after-sales support and expertise to keep all these ships and installations operational and generating income for the owners.

“As the original equipment manufacturer of all these products, we offer a level of after sales service that is unrivalled by our competitors.

“We are the only company able to offer genuine spare parts – whether reconditioned or new − for our complete range of supported products.

“All spare parts are quality assured and come with a warranty to give absolute peace of mind.

“We hold drawings for every product we have ever made, making us the only company who can give a 100 per cent guarantee that our components have been manufactured to the original specification.

“Through our links with our parent company, we have access to some of the world’s leading experts on diesel engines and turbomachinery so we will always be able to provide detailed technical support needed to keep equipment operating at maximum efficiency.”

MAN has a 24/7 hotline service available for customers to call in the event of an emergency and engineers are on call to discuss a plan of action with the customer.

In addition to this emergency service, planned overhauls and scheduled maintenance on engines on site at power plants, offshore and docks ccan also be arranged.

Andrew adds: “Our engines are literally in use all over the world and on-site visits, no matter how remote, again are part of our service offering.

“As the original engine manufacturers (OEM), all our Field Service Engineers are fully trained in specific engine use.

“Customer training is given by our Technical Instructors either on site with the actual engine or by inviting the customer’s engineers back to Stockport for training in the company’s academy.

“Flexible training courses are available to fit with the customer’s specific requirements.”

Asgaard Gas Processing Module under the sea in Norway

Asgard Gas Processing Module under the sea in Norway

One of the newest additions to the MAN family is deep under the sea off the coast of Norway.

Two hermetically sealed MAN compressor units are in the world’s first subsea gas compression facility at the Åsgard field in the Norwegian Sea.

The subsea compressor in Asgard started extracting oil from 300m below sea level in September 2015.

Another innovative use of MAN technology can be found in Shropshire.

A biofuel power plant originally located in Fritzens, near Innsbruck in Austria, generated electricity for about 3,500 households – running on leftover frying fat.

This is now been re-installed at Ellesmere in an abattoir site using rendered animal fat as a fuel generating electricity.

This uses a small six cylinder engine with power output of 1500kW.

Andrew adds: “As the UK demand for electricity becomes closer – and lower – than the demand from consumers and industry, there is a need for decentralized power plants operating on renewable and also gas fuels.

“These plants will vary in size and output and MAN is ready to meet the challenge this sector will provide us.

“We can offer power generation as individual power generation sets right up to complete power plants.”

MAN Diesel & Turbo produces a range of medium-speed, four-stroke engines that can be operated with a number of liquid and/or gaseous fuels.

Medium-speed engines are mainly used to propel virtually any type of merchant vessel, but are also used in passenger ships and ferries, naval and special vessels, such as offshore vessels.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, engines can be designed for use with gaseous or liquid fuels such as oil derivatives or natural gas – controlled by electronic control systems, also supplied by the company.

In the UK, MAN Diesel & Turbo has 245 staff across five sites, including 13 Apprentices.

STOCKPORT – UK Headquarters, Training Academy and Warehouse

COLCHESTER – Engine Overhaul Centre

REDHILL (London) – New Equipment Sales

TEESSIDE – Turbomachinery Service Centre

ABERDEEN – UK Offshore Market Support